Below are descriptions of some of the Poems the students really enjoy.  To the Right are some pictures which have a LINK to a short video clip of each one.  ENJOY!

June Poetry Night

A chance to share with

parents, family, friends,

& the community what

we've learned all year. 

Former students come

back to join us.

We also recite during the

year for many groups & organizations, including our local American Pen Women


"And Don't You Think

My Face Looks Green?"

& "Sick"

Some poems have solo parts



The children enjoy using

a few dramatic touches


"We Are a Thunderstorm"

Part of the grand finale where students link arms to show they're connected & plan to make a difference!

Text Box: “And Don’t You Think My Face 
Looks Green?”   &  “Sick”

June’s Poetry Night

Text Box: "The Difference Between a Single Flower
& a Field of Sunflowers!"

Quote by Lori Ruhlman


"Together we can nourish the earth


& revive its hopes & dreams.


Together we are a thunderstorm!"

Text Box: “Jabberwocky”
Text Box: “We Are A Thunderstorm”
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