What Is It?


~  The children learn to perform in planned & spontaneous ways. 


~  Most children participate eagerly & they learn the poems as easily as breathing with no homework, test, pressure, or requirement to join in.


~  The program is kid & teacher friendly & can bring a lot of

     camaraderie & fun to your classroom & beyond. 


~  Teachers do not need to be poetry experts or to know

the poems by heart in order to be successful. 


~  This fits seamlessly into the day & can be integrated

into a wide-range of subjects & time periods. 


It is great for transition times!




















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Text Box: "The Difference Between a Single Flower
& a Field of Sunflowers!"

Quote by Lori Ruhlman

"Keep a Poem in Your Pocket"



For further information on using poetry in the classroom look at theses works by leading teachers & researchers

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