Poetry Night at the High School














Why Poetry


Can Poetry Matter?


written by Dana Goia,

Poet & former chair for

National Endowment for the Arts


~  applauding the many benefits

of poetry & literacy


~  one of his dreams is for poetry to once again

regain a place

in the common culture


~  he founded

"Poetry Out Loud"

the National High School

Poetry Recitation contest


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for info, poems, & background

What Is Poetry on Parade

An approach for teaching children to:

~  memorize & recite poems

~  read, learn, & understand information

~  write poetry

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"The Difference Between a Single Flower

& a Field of Sunflowers!"

Quote by Lori Ruhlman

Why Put Poetry at the Heart of Curriculum


Poetry can teach so MUCH:


~  vocabulary


~  higher level language structures


~  content area information from science to social studies to math & health


~  all forms of English lessons about grammar & punctuation


~  spelling


~  helps with reading & fluency


~  refining memorization skills


~  public speaking


This immersion in poetry approach can lead to very strong & remarkable

poems from 3rd graders!















Memorizing & Reciting Poetry

can start early using the same techniques I use. 

Take a look at a remarkably moving

3-year-old reciting "Litany"

by Billy Collins. 


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